Intro To Compassion’s Call

Join Us In The Journey

A primary purpose for the “Compassion’s Call experience” is to: “equip the saints for the work of the ministry”(Eph. 4:12).  To that end, we are endeavoring to create an experiential pathway from curiosity to consistency to committed compassion.  Over time, we’ve seen that there are very different “experiences” to be had in outreach to the poor and powerless; from the simplest expression found in serving a meal at Vinnie’s Cafe, to helping with chapel service and meals at The Rescue Mission (and the new VOA Youth Resource Center), to actually participating in elements of ministry such as teaching a Bible study at a homeless shelter or in jail, to one-on-one prayer and sharing as we encounter our poor and powerless friends in Salt Lake County (or anywhere).  We also see the need to provide a solid understanding of Biblical truth (regarding God’s Heart for compassion), and guidance (into the ‘hands-on’ experience) as part of the process.

We will always recognize that people are at different places in their walks with God, and will therefore never make the steps discussed here “hard and fast”.  We will, instead, through prayer and counsel, let the Holy Spirit give guidance as we work with those whom God brings to us.


What follows is a basic idea of the steps that we are making available to those choosing to serve through CC.  It is our deepest hope that in following this pathway, the hearts of believers will be dramatically changed, and this will be reflected not only in the compassion demonstrated through C.C., but also in their hearts of service in other ministries that God calls them into.


*All who express interest in serving through C.C. will be asked to attend our introductory workshop. While many will already have a basic idea of the meaning and purpose of compassion, we want to be as united in our efforts as possible, and we do not want to “assume” what people do or do not truly understand regarding God’s Heart of compassion.*

A. An individual who expresses an interest (*) in Compassion’s Call will be invited to “simply come and serve meals” Vinnie’s Cafe or The Salt Lake Rescue Mission for a day (the actual amount of time will be based on the team they serve with).
1. We want the first experience to be as simple and unassuming as possible, in order to help “new” people to recognize and evaluate any preconceived ideas/motives that they might be carrying into the experience.


B. Having had their first experience, we will sit down with the individual, and if they feel ready, they will be encouraged to make it a regular thing (6 months).
1. We want people to learn the value of “being faithful in the small


C. Once someone has been faithful for 6 months, we would then consider inviting them into a leadership role in that team, or move into deeper areas of serving, and begin discipling them for this.
1. Once we show ourselves faithful in the small things, God leads us into being faithful in deeper things.


D. We will give people the freedom and opportunity to move (with relative ease and freedom) from team to team, as God moves on their hearts. We will also consult with them at every stage, to give them a chance to assess and evaluate where their hearts are.


E. Finally, we would offer ongoing “discipleship” (through podcasts and workshops) to everyone who is involved with Compassion’s Call. We don’t want people to think of Compassion’s Call simply as a place to go and “volunteer” at a function. We want the body of Christ to see it as an opportunity to grow in faith, and find true value and purpose in serving.